Christian Healing & Freedom in Christ

We have experienced God’s unbounded creativity and passion for healing and setting His people free in several hundred inner healing sessions covering several thousand hours of ministry. These prayer sessions are comprehensive addressing body (physical), soul (mind, will, emotion), and spirit (deliverance) healing. An important factor in leading someone to freedom and living in their authority as a believer is dealing with the whole person. Inner healing, physical healing, and deliverance healing are inextricably intertwined. You must deal with all three areas of need.

These three streams of Christian healing have generally been approached independently. Thus, much of the teaching in healing tends to be focused on one of the streams.

We have learned, as some before us have learned, that to fully treat one area of need it is necessary to treat all.

In our search for training materials for the Christian healing ministry team we led at a mega church we were unable to find anything suitable. Our team was primarily composed of regular people with only a few counselors, pastors, or professionals. So we needed materials an average prayer servant could learn and implement easily.

There are many excellent books on healing. But there is no easy to teach and learn integrated, comprehensive approach to comprehensive healing.

It became apparent that we would need to develop training materials to provide,

  1.  a comprehensive and integrated approach to healing, living in the authority of Christ, and freedom in Christ
  2.  a reproducible and reliable training methodology for prayer servants in healing ministry, and

  3. a means to equip a local church to support, encourage, and share this front line type of ministry.

The manuals on Christian healing, Inner Healing & Freedom, (see Resources page) and the associated training seminars we offer meet these needs. They are in use, work, and are practice proven!

An important benefit for pastors and ministry leaders       

With this training in your church teams you will have known measures to gage performance and assure everyone is on the “same page.” 


Check the Resources and Services pages for details on the materials and the training. The Blogs/Events page includes our calendar, which includes currently scheduled training seminars in Inner Healing & Freedom.

We would love to bring a teaching seminar to your church and area. Please contact us to begin the process!


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